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I bless the Lord for the day I learned about a Africano but very grateful for the decision I took to enroll my daughters in Africano Waltham. The journey has been great, there has been growth and value addition to our family. Africano is a home away from home, a center that upholds our culture, teaches our children morals, instills in them a sense of belonging and stability. The activities offered at the center help our kids to develop confidence and high self esteem.

To me as a mother and an immigrant, the center took me through the education system of America, gave me the exposure to the outside world, helped me develop leadership skills, improved my parental skills and I have learned to listen to my kids, engage them and spend more time with them. All this wasn’t priority to me because my main focus was on looking for money and being able to take care of them. However, I didn’t know how precious it was to spend time with my kids, to sit down with them and talk about anything and everything, listen to their stories and thoughts, answer questions that make or do not make sense. All these started making sense when I started volunteering at Africano. My priorities changed and my life never remained the same again. I have been involved in community outreaches which has enabled me to learn how to interact with different cultures, get to know the needs of people and how well to support them and serve them better. All this is because of Africano. The pandemic was something unexpected but Africano has been a strength for the children, families and the community at large. I can go on and on but to sum it up all, I appreciate auntie Julie, you love selflessly, you have opened up your arms, you have embraced us all with generosity. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to work with you.

Thank you so much,

Dorothy K. Mugabi


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