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Day by day I start to loathe this planet of the few despicable humans that reside on it. Why some believe in the most outright evil sinister deeds, objects and commodities of this world. Racism Racism Racism the more I say it the more disgusted I become. The fact that certain humans were taught that if yor skin color was whiter or lighter then you were deemed superior...among the darker shades of other groups of people inferior boggles my mind. For starters, I am not an African American whose ancestors built this country from the ground up...from the stolen land of the indigenous people that once walked the plains of this country, only for it to be stolen by white settlers. Although I'm not an African American, I'm a person of color...the color of my rich brown/black skin is and will always be a threat to the white person. I will always be a target of some matter how successful I become my skin will always outshine all my achievements. Black lives in America haven't mattered until recently. Time and time again history has proved that...its proved that We as black people don't matter. Black America has tried to heal the wounds that white America has caused by...building it's own table and seats for blacks to sit at because we were never going to be given one by white America. Some many achievements by Black American, so much happiness...but white America never let us forget whose running the real show. When the death of George Floyd occurred I swept it under a rug. I told my mom people are going to be mad and sad but the justice system won't lose any rest from another black person dying in this country. They won't blink an eye because the justice system was always against people of color. What I was astonished to see, was America truly Outraged. I was surprised to see many allies speaking out about the never ending police brutality in this country. It restored some hope in the people living in this country. All the protest that took place after Mr. Floyds death were all so beautiful and peaceful, until the police started the riots and looting, and that side of America came out to share their concerns on property being destroyed rather then a life being taken. But you know freedom of speech, right? The ignorance of many of my peers is what really got to me. The fact that they didn't feel the need to educate themselves disgusted and angered me to no avail. I'm not the emotional type but I cried, I cried that my life really doesn't matter… my brothers, sisters, friends and families life don't matter to these people. America over the past few years of my life, has made me trust very few white people. White people have become some people's PTSD.


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