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Food Distribution

In early March 2020, Covid-19 threw our organization and our community into turmoil. Most of the parents in our community lost their jobs, had their hours reduced at work, or had to continue working in essential industries while their kids stayed home alone. In response to the increasing needs, Africano expanded our programs to provide holistic assistance to our students and families.

Accessing food and proper personal protective equipment became one of the most pressing problems for our families. So, Africano did what Africano does best: we adapted. We opened our doors on Saturday to families in need. We started an informal food distribution program, which has since formalized. We also partnered with other organizations in Waltham to maximize our impact and reduce food and PPE costs. Working alongside Healthy Waltham, we have delivered over 3,000 meals and hundreds of PPE to our families in need.

Africano follows all recommended protocols to keep its staff and volunteers and pantry safe, including safe distancing, mask and glove requirements, and proper storage of food and PPE.

The Africano food distribution program has supported over 70 families throughout the summer and into the new school year. As we move into the winter, we foresee our community’s need for food assistance to grow. We are grateful to our donors, supporters, and partners during these challenging times. To find out how you can get involved, send us an email.

We are also in need of monetary donations to purchase items that are not being donated, such as PPE, Matooke, posho, and sanitary pads. Donate now to help us continue providing the food that is so desperately needed.


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