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Africano provides a warm, supportive environment for adults and elders, most of whom were born and raised in Uganda. Financial stressors which were there long before the Covid-19 pandemic, have only grown. Africano has a social worker on staff to help community members cope with anxiety and depression and links them to other services. Africano provides a weekly tea and other social events for elders who may be feeling isolated and lonely.

Man on Walker

Walk with a Senior

We provide walks with seniors to give them some exercise and to offer them a supportive, listening ear. We also have a whatsapp group for seniors to allow them to communicate with one another. 

Tea Time

Tea Time / Twejjukanye

Africano’s seniors are invited to tea once a month. This is an opportunity to break through the social isolation that so many in the community feel. Sundays, 3-5pm at the end of the month.

Balance Exercise

Adult Group Workout Sessions

Every week, a local fitness trainer comes to the Center to offer a gentle workout and answers questions about health and wellness. She then sends videos of the session to the seniors via the whatsapp group. Thursdays 6-7pm

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