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Africano offers students one-on-one online tutoring – through its network of committed volunteers – to students in any subject where they need help. Africano staff help parents – often parents with limited time and English - navigate through the bureaucracy of the public education system.


After School Assistance Program

Volunteers provide one-on-one academic tutoring – in person or virtually – to students who need additional support in any given subject. Tutors share with students the various ways to get support in their studies, and share online or in person resources that help students succeed and grow: for example, dance, debates, arts and crafts, or encouraging the students to create study groups. Times: M.-Th. from 3-5pm, October-June.

Seal of Bi-Literacy Language Program

We teach students how to read and write Luganda, one of Uganda’s widely-spoken languages. Many of the youth grow up speaking it with their parents and grandparents but haven’t received formal training in it, as it is not offered in the schools. So Africano provides formal study in Luganda, preparing them to take the “Seal of Biliteracy” exam, which often helps open doors to scholarships and strengthens college applications. Saturdays from 11am-noon, October through April.

College Prep Course

Africano provides high school juniors with SAT prep support and opportunities to review and discuss their top choices for college/university. Africano brings students to various college prep events in town, such as at Brandeis and Simmons. Twice a month, Sundays from 10 am-noon twice a month starting in September. 


ASAP: Summer Camp Program

Africano provides summer programming to its youth, including field trips to various places in MA- Museums, Six Flags, New York City, and a trip to Uganda for three weeks. The camp also provides onsite training in dancing, drumming, acting and singing - and they are invited to perform at various events. July through August


We believe in relationships as a way to open the door for our youth - so they feel safe talking about their highs and lows. We believe supporting and listening to them, not being disciplinarians. Youth check in with their given mentors once a month. Africano’s Saturday enrichment embeds time with mentors, which allows us to hear from them while empowering them in their endeavors – using activities to make the sessions fun. September through June.
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